January Update

January - Interested in joining a team of innovators pushing the boundaries of data science to modernize farming?

January Update

Happy New Year, everyone! From everyone at CropSafe, we hope you have gotten some good rest and relaxation in the holiday season!

Now that goals and resolutions have been set, it is time to get back to work here at CropSafe, and we have a lot of exciting things coming up in our pipeline.

Our primary focus in January is expanding, and this is why we would like to tease some new roles we are looking to fill in the new year!

If you are interested, please refer to our recruitment portal here!


Applications will be accepted and reviewed from the end of January onwards. So please bare with us if you have not heard a reply until then!

(X1) Full-stack Engineer

  • Advise, plan, and develop full-stack features for the CropSafe platform
  • Design and implement internal engineering features and MVP novel products
  • Work alongside our Design Team to leverage user feedback to improve the CropSafe platform continuously
  • Co-develop internal development practices and help architect our code structure
  • 2-3 years experience in a full-stack, frontend, or backend role
  • Experience with React/Vue, Express or another web framework, SQL databases
  • Experience planning, implementing, and shipping core features in a fast-paced environment
  • Familiarity with project planning/management tools (e.g., Jira/Asana/Height)

(X1) Senior Data Engineer

  • Define, plan, and implement the data infrastructure to power the CropSafe platform
  • Design and implement data pipelines between outside data providers and in-house data stores
  • Work closely with our teams to develop new data features and observability tools.
  • Co-develop internal development practices and architect our infrastructure systems
  • 2-4+ years experience in a data engineering role, mainly designing, building, and maintaining production-grade data systems (pipelines, pass-through systems, models, etc.) and infrastructure (storage, APIs for analysis and user-facing services, etc.)
  • Experience with Python, SQL databases, and columnar data stores (e.g., Redshift, BigQuery)
  • Experience building a modern data stack from scratch, including gathering requirements/use-cases to define applications
  • Experience in developing REST APIs to serve backend and web clients, preferably using Flask
  • Familiarity with project planning/management tools (e.g., Jira/Asana/Height)

(X1) Community Manager

  • Management of CropSafe’s social media accounts and strategy on scaling reach. Including strategy for emailing marketing, managing the marketing budget, website management, customer outreach, SEO strategy, and freedom to find new distribution to farmers!
  • Lead creative projects within the marketing and customer outreach umbrella, including targeted marketing, farmer 1-1 interviews, and focus groups.
  • Monitor interest and attention (data analysis) brought to products, reporting on customer retention, value-added and more!
  • Work closely with the whole team to relay feedback from users to improve and implement changes in the app’s development. Have a direct impact on how we build the new operating system for farmers of the future

Preferred skills:

  • Farming experience and/or experience working around farmers
  • Experience in leading and building communities
  • Proficiency in social media management - dealing customers firsthand
  • Experience in Sales and Customer Service (preferred)
  • Proficiency in advertisement work and a good understanding of SEO (not strictly necessary but preferred)
  • Experience in marketing (not strictly necessary but preferred)

Some of CropSafe’s company values include:

  • To have a limitless and innovative mindset
  • To be trustworthy and advocate accessibility

Amongst this, we would also prefer those who

  • have a strong interest in the sphere of Agricultural technology
  • are self-motivated and passionate about their work
  • enjoy Problem-solving
  • can wear many hats and adapt to different scenarios

If you have any questions about joining our wonderful team, please feel free to email careers@cropsafe.io!

August 1, 2022

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