February Update

Happy February CropSafers! As we are well into the new year, it is time to welcome unique opportunities which come your way!

February Update

We are still on the hunt for some new teammates at CropSafe. This month we would like to highlight one opportunity in particular: the Community and Growth Manager.

This month we also have some new content for everyone to check out on our Blog. Our latest feature article profiles Andrew, an agricultural consultant, and our founders John and Micheal give us an update on CropSafe’s progress.

Check out all this exciting news below!

The Community and Growth Manager! 🌱

CropSafe is building an operating system for the millions of farms that feed the world’s population. Our financial & operational tools allow farmers to create and analyze the condition of their farm and its long-term implications via satellite & weather remote monitoring. Farmers have trouble interpreting masses of data, which is the key to a more profitable farm. CropSafe aims to make this process 10x more accessible and quicker.

At CropSafe, we value initiative and proactiveness in work. You will have discretion over the flexibility of your role and are expected to take the lead in project areas were your expertise lies.

Detailed below is what you can expect within the role. However, we aren’t placing any requirements on this job. If you think you would be a good fit - apply!

Some exemplar responsibilities:

  • Management of CropSafe’s social media accounts and strategy on scaling reach. This includes strategy on emailing marketing, managing the marketing budget, website management, customer outreach, SEO strategy, and freedom to find new distribution to farmers!
  • Lead creative projects within the marketing and customer outreach umbrella, including targeted marketing, farmer 1-1 interviews, and focus groups.
  • Monitor interest and attention (data analysis) brought to products, reporting on customer retention, value-added and more!
  • Work closely with the whole team to relay feedback from users to improve and implement changes in the app's development. Have a direct impact on how we build the new operating system for farmers of the future

Preferred skills:

  • Farming experience and/or experience working around farms
  • Experience in leading and building communities
  • Proficiency in social media management - dealing with customers firsthand
  • Experience in Sales and Customer Service (preferred)
  • Proficiency in advertisement work and a good understanding of SEO (not strictly necessary but preferred)
  • Experience in marketing (not strictly necessary but preferred)

Some of CropSafe’s company values include:

  • To have a limitless and innovative mindset
  • To be trustworthy and advocate accessibility

Amongst this, we would also prefer those who …

  • have a strong interest in the sphere of agricultural technology
  • are self-motivated and passionate about their work
  • enjoy problem-solving
  • can wear many hats and adapt to different scenarios

If you feel like this might be the role for you, apply below!

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Farmer in Focus!

This month we have also had the opportunity to interview another important figure in the agricultural world... a Crop Consultant! Andrew provides us with fresh insight into another important area of agricultural work. We dig deep into the intricacies of his role and how our worlds intersect to make farmers’ jobs easier and more profitable! Check out this month’s featured article!


A few words from our Founders!

We have a few things going on behind the scenes that we can’t talk about just yet, but if you keep an eye on our blog, you’ll probably be one of the first to hear. At CropSafe, we’ve decided to grow the team from the small distributed one we are, adding a few more remote and in-person hires over the next few months.

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As we grow CropSafe, we’ve decided to focus on building around farming communities. Farmers are already engaging in their local communities and economies. Sharing knowledge and passing on information from one farmer to the next is at the industry’s core. That can be the passing down of farming techniques through generations or neighbors, crop consultants, or agronomists sharing knowledge with farmers to help increase their crop production.

This knowledge sharing already takes place on a small scale; we want to enable this on a larger scale and see how and if we can transfer techniques across industries.

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Thanks for tuning in,

The CropSafe Team

May 1, 2022

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