Five things you'll love about working at Cropsafe

Perhaps the secret to company success is not an office with a pool table, but working in the comfort of your home.

Five things you'll love about working at Cropsafe

Remote working environments are very advantageous to both employers and employees. Perhaps the secret to company success is not an office with a pool table, but working in the comfort of your home and being able to intertwine your schedule and errands with those relating to your work. We've found remote work to be beneficial in every way possible and can't imagine doing anything else. Naturally, we wanted to let you in on our secrets!

Even before the pandemic, we have been true advocates of a fully remote work model. It has been an awesome balancing act between freedom and responsibility. Here are 5 things we think you'd love about it!

Bye-bye burnout

It's one of the most professionally heartbreaking feelings when a project you were so excited for becomes mundane. Commonly referred to as burnout, that feeling...doesn't exist at CropSafe. At our company, we have the freedom to work when inspiration hits. Do you need a coffee? Hit stop on your toggl button and come back jittering after your double espresso. Need a walk to get those gears spinning? Pause toggl and you'll come back with not 5, but 10 tag lines. Working at our own pace has allowed us to create higher quality output, as well as improving our mental health and attitude towards work. Our employees are filled with intrinsic motivation and never fail to deliver.

Flexible hours to stretch your day

Did you know a portion of our team is currently in further education? Our flexible hours policy makes CropSafe a great fit for those who are still in further education or juggling other responsibilities. We also offer 1 subscription of your choice per month, on us. Whether its HeadSpace, Audible or Spotify, we make it our priority that our employees enjoy their time away from work with plenty of opportunities for personal development. your sofa

Many of our employees live in the countryside. Cutting travel from the equation saves time, money, stress and our planet!

Create your schedule

It's really important to us that our team doesn't feel like they're working a monotonous slug of 8-hour shifts. That's why we're working hard to break down the stereotype that startups consist of underslept people who haven't been outside in days. We know that our teammates have other responsibilities and priorities scattered throughout the day, outside of the usual 9-5 window. Working remote allows our team the satisfaction of making a valuable contribution to the workplace while being able to pop out for errands, grocery shopping and anything else that might pop up.


One of our favourite things about flexible remote work is that it has allows us to be incredibly inclusive in our hiring process. Despite being a small company, we already have teammates in 3 different countries. During disability awareness week, we found that what a lot of disabled people and/or carers needed, was the flexibility to take time off on a bad day, the ability to work during non-standard hours and a supportive manager. We are proud to say that we have all 3, and are always striving to do better. The combination of remote work and flexible hours has given us the ability to hire new team members purely based on their skills.

You can see why we think working remotely can improve productivity and overall quality of life for our team. We're always working to make our work environment better, and we can't wait to see how our virtual office will have transformed by this time next year.

May 1, 2022

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