How CropSafe uses FigJam as a fully remote company

Learn how we use Figjam to figure out the vision for our products

How CropSafe uses FigJam as a fully remote company

Since lockdown, CropSafe has transitioned to become a fully remote company. Our team is spread out between LA, Northern Ireland, England and wherever we choose to go on holiday to work remotely. Only 3 members of our team have met one another in the past!

There are a lot of advantages to working fully flexible hours from home. No traffic jams, judgement-free snacking and only working when you're in the right headspace, to name a few. Of course, some things are more complicated. In the past, collaborating remotely on creative projects was very difficult. Thankfully, Alongside Notion and Asana, Figma has proved to be one of the most productivity inducing tools!

We were so excited when we heard about the release of Figjam, and we couldn't wait to test it out!

"As a designer, it was my task to suss out the differences between a regular Figma file and Fig Jam. The first major distinction I made is that there are far fewer design tools in Fig Jam. It felt like the intention was to be messier, to throw ideas against the wall to see what sticks" says Oliwia, CropSafe's designer.

"I facilitated our first Figjam session which focused on creating a timeline for the coming months. A lot was going on at the time, making our various tasks feel disjointed - I wanted to unify our team. I decided to introduce a card ranking exercise, loosely based on Nielsen Norman Group's Workshop Activities."

"We began with a "Post Up" exercise. We used the timer feature, setting ourselves 3 minutes to write down everything that we thought needed to be done on individual sticky notes. Each teammate had a different colour sticky note so it was really easy to tell our ideas apart."

"We continued with "Affinity Diagramming". We grouped related ideas to figure out the big, overarching tasks. We could easily create headings and move our stickies about. It was so quick!"

"Next, we put a twist on the famous "Dot Voting" exercise, using thumbs up stickers instead of dots. This helped us figure out which ideas would push our products forward the most. We didn't need to do any complex analysis to figure out which sticky notes were the most popular - we could just zoom out and see which sticky notes had the most thumbs up. It was at this moment that I saw the value of Fig Jam. It made a potentially mundane task so simple, intuitive and fun."

"Pre-pandemic I had done these kinds of exercises physically and I always felt like it was such a waste to bin all the sticky notes at the end. Some people would take photos but it would be difficult to fit in everything, and some people's handwriting was difficult to decipher. In the case of FigJam we were left with a page that could be viewed and revisited at any time. One of the core missions of CropSafe is to help farmers in the face of global warming, so of course, we don't want to contribute to global warming ourselves. It's cool that using Figjam, we're not cutting down any trees!"

Lastly, we created a timeline. Just like that, we were all excited, refreshed and prepared for the coming months and all the amazing things CropSafe will provide by the end of the summer. We spent about 2 hours on this exercise and every second felt so productive.

Thanks, Figjam!

May 1, 2022

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