Reviewing our year in time for Christmas

CropSafe’s aim has always been to digitally enable the world’s farms, making an early long-term bet on the future potential of agriculture

Reviewing our year in time for Christmas

While still young, CropSafe has went through what feels like hundreds of evolution cycles. The year has been difficult and unpredictable for everyone but as a company we have found our place and have surpassed milestones that we're extremely excited to share with the world going into the new year.

CropSafe’s aim has always been to digitally enable the world’s farms, making an early long-term bet on the future potential of agricultural data. We want to provide farmers across the world with the best tools to make use of this data. The need to feed a growing population isn’t going anywhere, so our farms must become more efficient to keep up with demand. 

At CropSafe, we've been working hard on a few key ideas:


No matter which farms we visit across the world, we see similar trends. With more data becoming available, farms are struggling to keep up with the load. Managing dozens of pieces of software at once becomes unsustainable. At CropSafe, we think the unification of date in a single information hub will help create an ecosystem of a fully connected farm. This vision allows users to build blocks upon our platform, with devices talking to one another. 

Ciaran, who is part of our development team gives us an insight into our progress,

“It's been all systems go on the development side of CropSafe this year! Early in the year, we launched the beta version of the app for early access and testing, and in the following months, I was working on bug fixes and improvements that our users gave feedback on until we had a product we felt was ready for the full release! Along with the main app, I've been working on a few behind the scenes projects we're planning on rolling out in the new year!"

"Next year we aim to restructure the architecture of our app to allow for big improvements in both visuals and performance. I'm excited to be back and help the company grow as much as I can!”


Through the dozens of focus groups and user interview sessions we’ve run this year, one thing stood out: simplifying data. Our design team has re-built and iterated on the CropSafe product, making changes to how we can best display and interpret data for farmers.

The team has been speaking to a lot of farmers over the past couple of months to better understand their needs. We are lucky to have built such a collaborative community of farmers who are willing to work with us. We've learned a lot about when and how our app is used. 

We’ve reflected your feedback in our app in the following ways; 

  • An overview at a glance, not just metrics and numbers
  • More alerts, especially specific to weather and trigger events
  • Forecasts and predictions, not only real-time weather

We're excited to tell our users that for the past couple of months we have been working hard on a more advanced platform and prediction system. We are expanding our current alert library. What's more, alerts will be even more timely and accurate than ever before! We're planning to release this in the new year. 

The design team tells us more about their work throughout the year,


“Where. To. Start. We have unanimously agreed that our milestone accomplishment of the year was bringing back the Reset Password button after it went missing for a couple of days. 😎 For the rest of the year, nothing really came close. 🤔 Ok fiiine, just kidding 🤠 ”

“One of the most exciting challenges for the design team was deciding the future of the app. We've worked hard to ensure the architecture of the app is exactly what users have been asking for. Farmers are already using some of the things we have designed, but many more are on the way with the integration of the new systems.”

“Earlier in the year, we introduced real-time weather insights which have been received well by our users. Exciting visuals were another key focus. We've had a lot of fun illustrating the cover images of alerts and insights, and making sure that it's easy to map and navigate the app. They're coming to the app very soon!”

“There was also a complete overhaul of our website which truly tested our patience and CSS skills alike! We put in a lot of work to make sure the new version of the website is fully responsive across all of your devices, and we've been keeping an ear to the ground on any bugs we have yet to squash. Thankfully though, bug season is over in both the physical and metaphorical, website building sense."

“In the new year, we plan to expand our app with some cool new modular features we've been researching. We’re trying to keep hush hush about it but we are excited to share our plans with you soon! ” 


On the operations side of the company, our Head of Operations, Saranya updates us on her year,

"Working at CropSafe over the past year has been a whirlwind!"

"We have achieved exponential growth this year and this came with its own administrative challenges! One of the best things about working for CropSafe is that as employees we can work from anywhere in the world and from any time zone! However, this comes with its challenges when we are trying to coordinate projects and meet deadlines. This is why one of our major admin projects this year was to re-haul our operating systems and reassess how to build schedules and plan projects that would maximise efficiency and output!"

"Asynchronous remote working was the model we settled on, and this means we can assign work to each other through a centralised project management channel without the fuss of communicating on multiple different channels! Transparency and trust are keystones to how we work!"

"Another thing we did this year was to reflect on what values and goals we wanted CropSafe to represent into 2022! This was a great exercise for our entire team as it set a precedent for how we wanted to share our ambitions for what we hope CropSafe can become and what type of working environment we want to maintain!"

With Saranya's wise words, we're going to wrap up this lengthy blog post. In summary, as a team we cannot wait to show you more of what we've been working on behind the scenes.

Before we sign off, we thought we'd let you know we will be expanding our team in 2022. If you would like to work for an exciting and vibrant community of creative people, hit us up. We're always down for a chat!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Team CropSafe 🎅

May 1, 2022

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