The Importance of Efficiency in Farming

Our development team member Ciaran takes a deep dive into the importance of efficiency in farming!

The Importance of Efficiency in Farming

CropSafe is built with the intent of helping growers optimize their farms. Therefore, it felt necessary to delve into the broader aspects of farmers’ difficulties when trying to stay efficient. The simple equation for efficiency is your output-to-input ratio; how much are you getting out of your farm with the resources you put in? With an apparent primary resource being money, the massive jump in prices of fertilizer, energy, and fuel in recent times has forced farmers across the globe into placing an even more significant emphasis on cost-effectiveness.

Another issue is the ever-growing need for more agricultural resources. The consensus is that global agricultural production has to be increased by about 60-70 percent from the current levels to meet the increased food demand in 2050. Some studies predict that current crop production levels may need to be doubled in this timeframe, averaging out at over a 2% increase per year. Getting an increasingly higher yield with the same amount of land is a big ask that will require growers to make the most of their fields, right down to the square inches.

An increase in yield will undoubtedly lead to a rise in total income. Still, your fields can only reach a certain level of efficiency. Very slight improvements in output will require a lot of resources. This relates to the 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, which implies that the first 20% of input into a project will bring about the first 80% of output. The other 80% of input will only affect 20% of output. This means that once you set up the foundations of your farm, the rest of your time and money will be based around making minor refinements while still trying to keep a good profit margin.

A study by A.E.M. (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) shows that farmers consistently using various precision agriculture technologies achieved a 4% increase in crop production with an additional 6% productivity gain to be achieved with full adoption of precision farming. Data-driven technology is the newest necessity for any growers looking to make the most of their land. We aim for CropSafe to be an essential tool for keeping your farms as efficient as possible.

June 10, 2022

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