Our mission

CropSafe is a fully remote team passionate about digitally enhancing the farming experience.

We help farmers make money

When unexpected weather hits, all your hard work goes down the gutter. Many families suffer as a result of having their income for the year quartered. Growing up in farming families, we know this too well.

We believe the solution to the volatility of farming revenue, is building specialised farming software.

We improve farmers’ quality of life

Farming is one fo the most unpredictable and dangerous professions in the world. We believe that simplifying information about the weather, devices on your farm, and market prices can help you take the safest course of action and cancel out some of the unknowns.

We make farming more sustainable

Back breaking labour, high interest rates and overproduction mean that farming is unsustainable socially, economically and environmentally. We want to use technology to help you asses problems and opportunities on your farm to make your operation more sustainble.

Get dollar backs and rewards that help you spend more without burning through your funds

Get cash and the and rewards that help you spend more without burning through your funds

A couple words from our founders

Right now, digitally optimizing how you manage your farm's operations is highly time-consuming. You're required to constantly monitor dozens of metrics like weather, field, and financials - all while keeping track of day-to-day jobs.

At CropSafe, we are building the connected farm operating system which allows you to control everything happening on your farm in one place. CropSafe empowers you with more insights than previously possible, allowing growers like you, all across the world, to produce more efficiently - with less.

We believe growers shouldn't spend their precious time organizing Excel sheets with dozens of pages, or satellite maps with 50 variables. Interpreting and taking action on data should be seamless, quick, and painless.

Our mission is simple: Clearly explain any problem on your farm; Pinpoint where it's happening; Let you know what you need to do next to maintain a sustainable and profitable farm.

- John McElhone & Micheal McLaughlin
CropSafe Founders

Meet the team

Our team mates are spread across Los Angeles, London, Cambridge & Belfast.






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Career opportunities

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Community & Growth Manager

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Senior product manager

We're looking for someone who can lead projects within our product team to regularly ship new product iterations.

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