Our mission

CropSafe is a team of people with farming backgrounds, passionate about digitally enhancing your farming experience.

Support, as if we were your neighbour

Anytime you need us, we’re one call away. No waiting in lines or queues - speak to a real person the second you dial us. Whatever the problem, we’re here to help.

Trust and security

Privacy is valuable, especially when it comes to your finances. In a world where large corporates don’t take your privacy seriously, we believe in making a change. At CropSafe, your data is secure behind lock and key, for your eyes only. We run regular secrutiy audits to ensure the robustness of our systems.

Seamless integration

We believe in simplifying. It’s easy to over-engineer every part of a process. We take the approach of building products that directly complement you and your existing workflow, without needing to learn new tools or spend time trouble-shooting.

See where you fit in

Couldn't find your position? Email us at careers@cropsafe.io